Monday, 21 November 2016

Most Used Terms Related To Yankee Candle Vent Clip, Air Freshener And Smart Scent

The users of Yankee Candle smart scent can be confused with the most of terms and phrases that can leave you feeling a little stumped. Phrases like tunneling, fragrance families would often leave you in confusion. This is why we are elaborating all these phrases that will explain what they actually stand for.

Burn Time

You will find this term probably on each Yankee candle air freshener. It varies between the candles ranging from tea lights or large jars, because of the amount of wax used. The burn time, usually stands for the timings in hours, which indicates the burning time of a particular candle. 

Candle Tunneling

Candle tunneling is a term which describes the process which is not burning perfectly and only melting wax close to the wick. This results in the wax all around the candle to sustain and inside to disappear ,which can also term as “Tunnel”. It has not only made it unattractive , but also reduce its burn time which is a huge loss and disappointment.

Fragrance Family

All the fragrances of more than 200 Yankee Candles have been categorized in the Fragrance Family. These categories are mainly denoted as Floral, Festive, Fruit and Food & spice which makes it easier for Yankee Candle fans to get the amazing scent.

The difference between Yankee Vent clips and Vent sticks?

Both the Yankee candle vent clip and vent sticks are the perfect fragrance for the car journeys. But both of them have a little different as the vent clips are designed with a slider which allows it to adjust the scent strength and limit the value of scent released. This simply allows you to see when the fragrance needs to be replaced. Whereas the vent sticks can be attached to your car vent and need not to care about and you can have the scent enjoyment up to 2 weeks.

Fragrance Palette

A fragrance palette is known as a collection of various fragrances that allows anyone to make a sample which consists of the entire range of fragrance from light and elegant to zesty and bold.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Stabilize Your Phone’s Video In A Smarter Way

Have you ever been in situation when you are travelling or on the go and watching a video that doesn’t display a better video the way it should? That will no more be the same for you as you have a smart device with a smarter technology that can make your video viewing soothing to your eyes with the GOSO stabilizer for smartphones. This phone video stabilizer is apt for not only viewing your phone’s videos but also helps you convert your smartphones into a smart camcorder.

The advantages of having this stylish and smart device are many. The first advantage is that it enables stabilize the video in accordance with the movement. The second advantage is that you no more have to be a professional to capture professional videos as it does the work for you. The best part of owning this device is that it is 360o turn able to ensure that videos are captured from all directions. You have been given the flexibility to adjust the angle of your video with a joystick at your finger tip. GOSO digital phone video stabilizer is designed with AI technology which is self-proprietary and brushless motors for making your experience of filming impeccable with no shakiness.

What more do we need in a phone if the job of capturing professional video is done seamlessly with such wonderful device? The technology is of high end and the battery is of premium quality made out of lithium polymer. The circuit board is in built that enhance fast charging. The phone clip is another user friendly technology that makes installation in any phone easier. Something amazing about GOSO digital phone video stabilizer is that it is compatible with most of the smart phones available. This device suits best the videos of any occasion be it a sports event, your loved one’s memorable moments, your kids’ or pets’ videos too can be captured with great output. Don’t miss a single moment to make the most out of any occasion that you value the most. You need not worry about the video quality as they can only be one quality that you will experience and that is “Awesome”. Have it to believe it.

Own it and be a pro!